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Product descriptions
  • AWS Automatic start of the vacuum cleaner when the battery-powered machine is switched on (only possible with AWS-capable machines)
  • A HEPA filter element is used to filter even very fine particles from the air
  • Reaches a maximum negative pressure of 110 mbar
  • Backpack vacuum cleaner with up to 60 minutes of working time under full load (when using 2 x BL1850B)
  • Very comfortable carrying frame
  • Allows for convenient cleaning in places where a conventional vacuum cleaner cannot be used for dragging
  • By using a BL (Brushless) motor, the battery capacity is used even more efficiently than with conventional electric motors
  • Matching dust bags 191C26-2 (10 pieces), matching permanent filter bag 191C30-1
  • AWS module optionally available – Order no. 198900-7
  • Delivery without batteries and charger


Technical data
● Air flow rate max. 108 m3 / h
● Negative pressure 110 mbar
● Suction time / battery (level 1) (with 2x BL1860B) 140 min
● Suction time / battery (level 2) (with 2x BL1860B) 75 min
● Container volume 6.0L
● Battery 2 x 18V
● Weight according to EPTA 6.7kg
● Dimensions (L x W x H) 297x174x523mm
included supply
● Dust bag 1 piece.
● Hose 28mm / 1.5m 152992-0
● Hose clamp 166116-2
● Adapter Ø 28 mm to 24 mm 195546-0
● Adapter Ø 28 mm to 22 mm


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