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Powerful cordless hedge trimmer for professional use

A cordless hedge trimmer with a 75 cm blade for the professional. The one-sided knife bar is light and makes the machine particularly maneuverable. The asymmetrical teeth, ground on all sides, cut particularly efficiently.
Product descriptions
  • Single-sided blade for perfect shape cutting of plants
  • XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology) – dust and splash protected
  • Less friction of the blades: This increases the running time due to the low resistance and protects the material
  • Well balanced thanks to the placement of the battery at the rear end of the handle
  • Powerful and effective like a petrol device
  • Effortless work thanks to low weight
  • High stroke rate for quick cuts
  • With electronically adjustable stroke speed in 3 levels
  • Brushless motor for more endurance, longer service life and more compact design
  • Constant electronics for a constant number of strokes even under load
  • Stainless knife with edges sharpened on both sides
  • Battery operation for quick start, zero emissions and low maintenance
  • Delivery without battery and charger


Technical data
● Cutting length 75cm
● Cutting thickness 23.5mm
● Battery 18V
● Weight according to EPTA 4.1kg
● Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,198 x 280 x 147mm


included supply
● Oil bottle 188605-7
● Clippings collector 191D34-9
● Blade protection 412770-3



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