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– Swivel standard puller hooks.
– Mechanical spindle.
– Rolled thread is specially coated.
– If there is not enough free space around the part to be removed, we recommend a 2-arm puller series 41.


– For removing bearings, gears, discs etc.


– The greater the pulling force, the stronger the grip of the pulling hook on the workpiece to be pulled.
– Collar of the spindle head prevents the key from slipping.
– Hydraulic spindle series 8-0 for particularly tight parts available as an option for a certain puller size.
– Hydraulic additional press series 9 can be used as an option for particularly tight parts from a certain puller size.
– All components can be delivered as spare parts, time-saving ordering through numbering.
– Product video available on the product.

Safety notice

– If there are several parts to be removed, always remove them gradually. Never remove several parts at the same time.
– The contact surfaces of the pulling hooks must sit completely and straight under the part to be pulled off.
– Do not use electric or pneumatic power or impact wrenches.
– Accident protection tarpaulin required.
– Wear safety glasses.


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