KUKKO 2 schaliger Segment INNENAUSZIEHER 14-19 MM

 73,08 inkl. MwSt.,  60,90 exkl. MwSt.

Lieferzeit: in 7 - 10 Werktagen bei dir


– Mechanical spindle.

– Rolled thread is specially coated.

– Self-healing corrosion protection (link [KUKKoating, KUKKoating] of the galvanized parts.


– For extracting internal bearings, bearing outer rings and bushings.


– The double-shell design of the internal extractor with extra large gripping edges allows for safe extraction.

– The internal extractors have an internal stop protection against overvoltage and overload effects.

– Product video can be accessed directly on the tool via QR code.

– The internal extractors from Kukko can be combined with both counter supports and slide hammers.

– Extensions from the 21-V series, in combination with the internal extractors, enable deep-seated bearings to be loosened.

– Spare parts are available for the internal extractors in sizes 21-89 and 21-90.

Safety notice

– Do not use electric or pneumatic power or impact wrenches.

– Accident protection tarpaulin required.

– Wear safety glasses.


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